Blogging Strategies

Blogging Strategies


Blogging Strategy I: What’s a blog and why do I need one? DO I need one? Together we will figure out your place on the web. We will talk about every platform available to you and which one would be the perfect fit for you and your business.

  • What is a Blog?
  • Why you need a blog for your business.
  • Discuss every blogging platform available to you (including but not limited to: Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr, Self-Hosting)
  • What role Social Media plays for your blog
  • Share tips and tricks for getting the most out of your blog

At the end of each consultation I will draft up a Blogging Strategy that will include monthly goals to:

  • Increase Pageviews for your blog
  • Increase Traffic to your blog
  • Frequency of Blog Posts
  • Time of posts

Blogging Strategy II: You already have a blog that you aren’t entirely happy with or want to spruce up? In this consultation together we will weigh your options concerning how to get optimal pageviews and creativity from your business.

  • How to give your blog a makeover: (New platform, self-hosting, new layout, website cleanse)
  • How to increase pageviews
  • How to track Analytics (in-depth tracking of pageviews)
  • How you can monetize your blog
  • Discuss ways you can reach a larger audience
  • Frequency of Posting
  • WHAT should you post
  • The value of self-hosting